The Shadow Inside Me

I had a very strange dream the other night.

I woke up in a gritty urban development where everything was gloomy and tainted gray. The people of this world were very odd. They shifted around like machinery clustered  inside a brick building that took up an entire block. Attached to each of these mechanical people were dusty black shadows that loosely shifted around behind them. The people did not intrigue me as much as their shadows. The shadows had a faint sandy texture that made them look as if they’d been sketched by the flat side of charcoal pencil. In fact the whole world felt like a charcoal drawing thrown together by scratchy amateur fingers. The brick building seemed to be breathing and as I peered closer into its structure I noticed veins, skin and plasma. The building was alive, a living organism with a physiology  similar to humans but a distinctly different anatomy. The brick of the building were actual blocks of translucent skin, textured with blue varicose veins and it’s breath pulsated like a pumping heart.

I was shielded in a yellow cab, driving through the chaos alone, trying to wrap my head around who these characters were and what exactly their purpose was. Millions, possibly billions of mechanical silhouette graced by the cabs rickety window. I gazed deeply inside the profile of one of the characters faces as it slowly grazed by. It’s  head was turned downward and he was dragging his feet along the abstract floor. I looked into more faces profiles and my external sensor’s gather each character was physically identical  but my internal intuition knew that they were complexly different as each of their shadows lingered of different essences. I kept driving along, a ghost to this strange place, as not a soul noticed I was there.

After hours of examining, I concluded there was nothing more to understand, that this simply was an experience to be had, nothing more. I started to venture for a way out.  The front of the building had lifted up its skin forming an exit. I pushed on the gas petal and pierced right through the gap landing on a slap of concrete that stretched deep into the vas urban development. Something felt funny and by funny I mean terrible. Along the edge of the road was a shadow without its person, slowly gliding along, haunting like the Grim Reaper. It was clear that it was in no rush but I knew even if I’d manage to catch up, it would be nearly impossible to it get in back inside the building. I notice more shadows proceeding to escape thorough the gap so I tugged down on the buildings bruised skin. It closed – success! The shady shadow had moved had managed to move a few more inches.  I must hurry! My legs caught up to him easily but my heart was struggling to keep up. The shadow jerked it’s head to the side and stared deep into my soul. I glared back with just as much intensity. Staring deep into it I saw the shadow was no stranger, the shadow was a part of me, the shadow was the essence of just one of my many feeling in literal form- a shadow and it was getting away.

I woke up trembling as the haunted image that was a part of me resonated though my bones, terrifying my conscious


The dream hasn’t left me yet but finally I’m able to put it in words. I once had a journal of strange dreams I wanted to record. If I find them maybe I’ll share them here.

😀 Thanks,