The second our fingertips touch, my nerves set fire to my pale flesh, and for a single moment I stand inside the most unusual shade of coral. We’ve said few things but those few things are enough to know where our hearts are headed. Instead of words we indulge our hearts with sensual pleasures. Your soft kisses have managed to wiggle their way through my thick skin and they continue to echo through the broadest walls of my guarded mind. I am content slowly sailing inside your sea of warrior kisses. Yet, those around me seem confused about our silent tango. They need those dirty white words to engrave the black plastic box hanging over their heads. If only I could place my hand to their heart and say, “this is the commitment that’s been made” but their minds are too far possessed to understand my palms whisper. Their mouths attack me with skepticism and I am forced to question the intended direction this dance is headed in. Then I sink back inside the cracks of stillness. Marinating in all the thing’s that have been stated with mere action and my worries fade as the soundless promises we’ve made are louder then any words that have committed themselves to me. My heart is melting away like wax, molding itself to my soul and I am excited to see whatever shape becomes of it. Let’s dance to the rhythm of the moment……….